Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloweenies and a Kindness

A very nice neighbor took these photos of the two youngest boys and kindly emailed them to me this morning.

This is middle boy Luke's favorite time of year. The little one Oliver is 22 months and didn't quite understand what was happening. He's a quick learner and by the third house of a door opening and a very nice person holding a huge bowl of candy at him that he could take and eat, he was onboard with the whole thing.

Our little hamlet of Caledonia, IL, population 199, really comes into it's own on Halloween. It was settled in the 1820s and we have a mixture of Victorian, Craftsman, and later period houses. We have a house across the street straight out of a modern development. We think it may have landed here accidentally. Also, there are some historical old tenant farmer cabins dotted about, still proudly wearing their last whitewash now dulled from a few decades of wear and tear. Within a mile down the road we have an herb farm, a pumpkin farm, a sheep farm & wool mill, an alpaca farm, and miles and miles of feed-corn and soy. It's harvest time around here and the corn is being trucked all day long to the mill down the street.

Most folks dust off their annual decorations and the houses become spookily festooned from September on. The retired couple next door regularly plant pumpkins in their garden and then wheel them out front in a wooden trailer, free for the taking. Yesterday afternoon was lovely and warm here and I was still planting mums. Then around 5:00 we put the final touches on the pumpkiny graveyard out front. As we set off last night, we met a very nice couple and their family of four boys. As he was an amateur photographer he had a pretty nice camera and asked if he could take Jango Fett's picture. We said sure and he kindly offered to send us copies of his pictures. Which was just as well, since my camera was out of commission and I was really hoping to get pictures this year for Grandma.

Just when I contemplate the downward spiral of society, people are still being nice to one another out there :D

Friday, October 1, 2010

All Hallow's Eve

The boys' costumes for this year have been happily located. The bounty hunter and the...err...bounty

(And the original Surprised Kitty YouTube sensation)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

1/12 Shabby Chic Pumpkins

Playing with Sculpey today, I thought some pastel colored pumpkins might be fun for a little elf doll or a magical garden scene. I knew that old grapevine on the back porch would come in handy some day, since it no longer produces grapes. Love how the curly stems turned out.

Just listed in the shop, five sets only.

Happy Halloween!

Fairyland Pukifee Icis is on model duty today. They don't show but she has the cutest little elf ears <3

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Hallooo. Whoops, I totally forgot to post at Easter. Sorry about that. But I have a good reason, my folks were visiting us from New York and we were making bunny cakes and going on egg hunts and playing Uno and all that fun and suchlike. The week before that was the obligatory housework tornado and scrubbing baseboards and wiping out the silverware drawer and all that Mom cleaning that I only do when she's about to arrive.

Otherwise I've been working and trying to get the garden shaped up for Spring. It seems the season has started early this year and I'll take it after all that snow. The iris and chives are huge already as is the raspberry patch. Daffodils and tulips have sprouted their green leaves but no buds yet. All of the birdhouses are occupied. Feathery tenants abound.

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The oldest boy has joined a band that has him playing guitar all over town so that's all exciting at the moment. We're not allowed to go yet because he's too nervous, but some day.

The middle boy just got a new bike and has gone Lego mad. He carries a Batman minifigure around in a case in his pocket "so his cape doesn't get wrinkled." Bless.

The baby learned to walk and has become very fond of chocolate. He quite enjoyed the jellybeans in his Easter basket. Every time he was given one he would say "ank yoo" (thank you). He just got one of the red & yellow little pedal Flintstone cars. He prefers going backwards in it.

We are totes enjoying the new season of Doctor Who.

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Oh! And Target is awesome as ever and has recently stocked special anniversary editions of Hayao Miyazaki films Ponyo, Castle in the Sky, My Neighbor Totoro, and Kiki's Delivery Service. If you're into that sort of thing. I bought a Totoro resin figure and also a Totoro umbrella music box from eBay.
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I really need to take some pictures, there's nothing on my camera but BJD dolls and I keep forgetting to take it out places. We went to the zoo last weekend. Will get some pictures up soon. Both of my Flickr accounts are maxed out so I need to bite the bullet and buy a Pro Account. On the list.

Hope you all get some good weather :D

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

A very

Happy Valentine's Day

to all of my blogging buddies