Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Oh look, a super cute kitty. Why be angry in a world of such beauty and cuteness.

Husband just reformatted my laptop this morning before work and I lost all my stuff. Everything wiped away. All gone. Bye bye. Again. This is not the first time. Oh no. Even though I said I was taking it to Best Buy to see if they could fix it and save my pictures. Pictures of my babies, you know...aging, playing, laughing, etc. Pictures of things I made. Pictures of places we visited. Pictures of his parents final visit with us last June. And it's my computer so as well...HANDS OFF MISTER. Why were you even touching it. Why, for the love of everything holy, why. And he gives terrible apologies.


I am thinking positive, happy thoughts. Last month, he fixed the boiler and saved us a $300 bill. He also fixed the oven saving us another $300 this year. He bought me a really nice Blythe doll last week. With purple hair. Sunday morning he cooked perfect bacon and made me a yummy sandwich with brown sauce. He makes the baby do a really funny giggle and he calls him "inkle finkle"


Happy Thoughts...




I'm feeling better, thanks guys. Cute babies help, they are anti-grump makers. And Olly learned how to blow bubbles and raspberries today so he had me laughing.

It is 5:45 p.m. and we have just had the tornado sirens go off and a black sky with lightening. We had a tornado in Jan last year that touched down in the next town so we headed for the basement. It's passed now and I hope everyone was safe from it this year. Will have to check the news.

Last night the dog got stuck under the bed and I had to lift it off of him and then it fell apart. Hubs had to fix it when he got home. Then this morning my laptop was annihilated. Now tornado watches.

March is usually in like a lion, out like a lamb. Didn't expect this much drama. Whatever will the rest of the week bring. Calm, hopefully ♥

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Needle-Felted Easter Egg

Hello Spring!
I just love, love this needle-felted egg by Etsy seller Made By Laura. Such a clever idea. It's got Spring, Easter, trees, blue sky, grass, everything that's good in the world. And such pretty colors too. She's outdone herself this time!
Laura is a Twitter, blogger, Etsy, Flickr friend and I got one of her lovely sparkly needle-felted bowls as a treat to myself for Valentine's Day. Her work is just so lovely. Bravo!
Link to egg:
Her needle-tastic shop:
She's always blogging something interesting:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

1/24 Half Scale Mice Quilt Shop

This 1/24 scale Quilt Shop started with those sweet little mice I found on eBay. They were so cute! One was sewing and the other was washing the floor with a rag and sudsy bucket. It grew from there and came together rather quickly. This one was sold for charity roundabout 2004/05ish.
I think if you click on the photo it gets bigger to show details.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Squee! Jemjoop: Published Photographer

This photo I took of a cottage in Skipton, Yorkshire is posted on my Flickr and was spotted by Schmap travel guides in England. They sent me a Flickr mail about a month ago that it was shortlisted for inclusion in a travel guide. Well, this morning in my inbox...it was chosen!! You can view it on the Schmap brochure here:

This photo is up there as one of my personal favorites for several reasons. It's a cottage, I mean; a real, inhabited, rose-covered, fairy tale cottage so it has that intrinsic value. But as well it has personal meaning. It was the last official outing before we moved to the U.S. in Oct. 2006. Little one was safely and happily oblivious at nursery and hubby, my oldest, and I played hooky for the day and scuttled off to Skipton to tour the castle (which we had never done) and walk around the town (which we had). The whole town has cobbled streets and little shops (a Laura Ashley Home shop!). Behind the castle is a bubbling little river next to a winding path. Well, we took that winding path and ended up on a small lane with a house or two. I snapped pictures of wild strawberries and blackberries and the neatest tree with winding vines criss-crossing it's entire trunk. Then the next moment I spotted this cottage which captured my imagination. I literally just had time to take one photo because the day was getting late and we wanted to walk up Clitheroe Castle before school let out. As soon as this cottage was snapped, a little old lady moved back the lace curtain (the right one) and waved. We carried on the path and headed back home, but the perfect day still winks at me in my memory. ♥

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Forgotten Dreams by FourCrowsArt

forgotten dreams
Originally uploaded by Robin....

Robin of FourCrowsArt is a Twitter/Flickr friend and I just had to link her "Forgotten Dreams" photo. She's very talented!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Best.Spam.Ever. A/S/L

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