Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Sorry for being a bit absent lately. We are nearing the end of our holiday trifecta in Jemjoop land. It starts with Valentine's Day and then seven days later our middle guy has a birthday (8 this year) and seven days after that our oldest has his birthday (18-and he's getting his driving license too gahhhhh! ).

I bake when absolutely necessary and sometimes by special request, preferring savory stovetop simmering instead. I can make a pretty good meatloaf.

Saturday morning little one requested his favorite; a chocolate fudge cake with butter cream frosting. So while the baking cupboard was open and the oven was hot I also made 35 lemon yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting (so he could bring them to school) and a batch of brownies for my oldest and hubby who don't like cake.

There are no pictures, they were just standard utilitarian lopsided things. After that picture was taken, I let little one put the sprinkles on his cake (because I forgot them) and his method of choice was dumping half a bottle smack in the middle. No doubt to ensure maximum sugar intake per slice. The cupcakes ended up all different sizes, some were pretty much triangular. The brownies were slightly burned around the edges. I am not the baking goddess that is Kim .

This Saturday is easy, my oldest's birthday request was homemade chocolate chip cookies. Even I can't mess those up.

*UPDATE* March 1st
Two batches and counting, they keep eating them like little cookie-eating things...


  1. Yum Jen give me a slice of that yummy birthday cake! Happy 8th birthday to your son oh and happy 18th. I know all about the drivers license trauma. It can be so hard to let them go! You have been busy and you have that beautiful baby to look after. Thanks for finding time to always leave nice comments for me! You are a sweetheart. Big hugs for a awesome mom and friend. Hugs Jen!

  2. Hello!

    I´ve got an award in my blog for You!

    Have a nice day/Lena!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!! My 16-year-old's big day, 17, is in two weeks. He wants some sort of thing for his muffler??? I'll let his Dad deal with that. He goes to the orthopedic surgeon to check on his broken clavicle this afternoon and I'm hoping they let him go as opposed to saying he need surgery! He's been driving for a while as has my 18-year old daughter. I try not to think about it.

    Mini Leaps and Bounds

  4. Our crazy month is September it is full of birthdays. I know that drivers license thing well. We have three kids all learning and or new drivers. I will not get in the car with any of them. That is Dads job, I just can't do it.
    I want a cookie real bad but since real bad describes my want for the cookie and how my butt looks in jeans I am going to stick with no cookies for me. :)

  5. Now I am really hungry for some dessert!

  6. Wow, you did have a baking fest. I bet it was all wonderful. February sounds like a busy month for you ! Have a great Thursday !!

  7. 7 am and I want those chocolate chip cookies!!! gosh I guess we get more coffee now. Birthdays are so much fun!