Thursday, March 12, 2009

1/24 Half Scale Mice Quilt Shop

This 1/24 scale Quilt Shop started with those sweet little mice I found on eBay. They were so cute! One was sewing and the other was washing the floor with a rag and sudsy bucket. It grew from there and came together rather quickly. This one was sold for charity roundabout 2004/05ish.
I think if you click on the photo it gets bigger to show details.


  1. that is just so sweet and cute. those mice must be in heaven with all that fabric!

  2. I just love it!!! And what a wonderful idea to use up those scraps of fabric that you just can NOT thow away, LOL :) Mini hugs, Marsha

  3. Stop it with all of your cute little things already! Now I want a scale doll house! One new habit is enough thank you!
    I love the mice they are so cute. The fabric was the very first thing I noticed it looks so good.

  4. Oh, this is wonderful! I should do something similar in 1:12th as I work at a quilt shop--no 1:4th, 1:24th or 1:48th for me. Usually twelfth scale makes me feel like I have Jolly Green Giant hands! LOL!

    Mini Leaps and Bounds

  5. I sure do love this Jen. So wonderful as your things always are. Mini hugs!

  6. Jen what a wonderful little scene. The little mice are really cute and how lovely that it was sold for Charity..

  7. Hello!
    I just love Your rommbox!
    I´ve got an award for you in my blog!

  8. Thanks you guys! It was very fun to make. I had a quilting friend and wanted to join in the fun, but I'm a hopeless seamstress. She gave me lots of little fabric scraps to play with for this. Glad you like it ♥