Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spring Tulips!

Tulip heaven; This is my neighbor's house, she must have planted these last Autumn because I don't remember them from last year. If memory serves, she and a couple of her friends were digging around over there in the garden for most of a day and I wondered what they were up to. Maybe these are the result, I'll have to ask her. What a good idea to plant so many of them in such pretty colors. So cheery to drive by and see them every morning!


  1. So pretty Jen. I wish I had this to look at everyday. Mini hugs!

  2. I love tulips too but ours aren't out yet here in the great white north! Soon though.

  3. My tulips have just started to bud. I don't have a lot because the squirrels love to dig them up.