Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Catching Up

Are you there's me, Jemjoop!

Hello, hello I confess that it has been 23 days since my last post. I got a job! And I missed you all!

So...I don't even have any recent pictures on my computer from August at all. I'm not even sure where my camera is, which has never happened before. Above is a thatched wooden Michael's Craft Store house that I made into a little Irish cottage for my good friend's cough40thcough birthday. I love that little handmade silver horseshoe on the door. My grandpa always had one of those hanging up in his garage for luck. He wasn't Irish, he was born in Scotland, but he did have a horse so half a point for him.

There is some catching up to do on all of your blogs, I have Flickr updates from a lot of you dating back to August 11th, not to mention the housework and library books piling up around the place. There may be some speed reading since everything is probably at maximum renewal time. I am even missing all of my favorite shows like Flipping Out, Top Chef, and Project Runway :O( waaahhh.

But, I had some very-very-very lucky news in the first week of August. After four months of job searching everywhere I got a call out of the blue that a local recruiter found my resume on (quick, put your resumes on and they had a couple of positions that I might like to consider. One of them was...working from home. Yes, sold, thank you. They found that I had been a transcriptionist at several jobs previously, but the job I am doing is editing medical reports. But they don't call it editing they call it I am QA'g So I have been training in-house at a local firm for the last 3 weeks from 7:00 to 3:30 then racing like a crazy person. Cue emergency search for babysitter, manic clothes shopping for professional stuffs, crazy house cleaning, frantic house planning dinners-laundry-groceries-schedules-argh! and that's where I have been. I was home for 8 years raising boys so it was a bit all-change, but I'm getting back into the swing of things. I bought this rose-covered yummy lunch sack from Etsy's SandraKay :

And these were a mouse-clicking necessity from ArtFire's Casual Cottage :

Friday is my LAST day of in-house training (yay!) and on Monday I start working 4:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon shift from home. They originally hired me for the 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. graveyard 3rd shift, but thank goodness they changed their minds because I'm definitely a morning person and didn't quite know how I was going to manage staying up all night. Isn't it strange to have a proper shift when you work from home, but it's a 24-hour turnaround on these reports and they have everyone set up for specific hours. So if you felt like sleeping in and starting your shift late, it would mess up everyone else and you would get into deep doo doo and probably get yourself a stern talking to.

Have you all been rushing around like mad people too? Getting children off to first-day-of school, and supply shopping, and tired children not waking up early very easily because they are too tanned and lazy from summer lounging and just 5 more minutes mom...



  1. Congrats on the new job!!! I am so happy for you- and it sounds as if it will fit you perfect after the initial craziness. I hope things start to even out soon :) Glad to see you back :)

  2. glad you're back! Congrats on the job, working from home will be so convenient. :-)

  3. Oh, my goodness! You are quite a busy gal! I have posted some resumes around as well and though I love my part-time job at the quilt shop, I either need a full-time job or to launch my Etsy shop and get a million sales fast! LOL! Best wishes and yes, that is a good stay at home job. No new clothes to run out and buy and no gas money to come up with.


  4. Wow! Congrats on the new job! How exciting! :)