Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Shoes

Just a quick look in to say howdy do. I am having sneaky peeks at the Halloween updates on some of your blogs.

Still busy a bit with the new schedule. Paying off some old bills and building a big sleep debt instead. This week I get to work two night shifts which. will. be. awesome. Can you feel the enthusiasm.

Being here in a flyover state, we've got lots of corn all around. It's mostly animal feed corn & soy around here. They are starting to get ready for harvest and the combines are beginning to appear at the edges of fields. Keep meaning to grab the camera and snap a pic for you. Perhaps today, we've got a bit of a warm sunny week.

Not much to report. I did buy some shoes. Not really a shoe person so, for me, buying two pairs is kind of an event. I have winter boots, summer flip flops, and Birkenstocks for the times in between. I wanted Uggs for a long time and treated myself to some in 2006, after beginning my miniature business on eBay. A treat to me, if you will. Then that Fall we moved to NY and I took little one out trick-or-treating on a cold, wet Halloween. Uggs got all wet and I left them on the heating register overnight to dry off. Yes, they melted. Melted the soles and warped them both. So, new job...new Uggs. I got these nifty little gray "Cardy" Uggs like Anna wears in the show Being Human (I love her whole outfit, actually. She is a ghost so she only got to wear one outfit for the entire series.)

And then I got myself a spunky little pair of indigo blue Chucks that are slip-ons with elastic-no tiresome shoelaces. Hubs and the teenager wear Chucks so that's just me jumping on the bandwagon.

Next up in Jemjoopland we'll be decorating the house for Halloween and taking the kidlets out to corn mazes and the pumpkin farm.

It's all glamour here now, posting about shoes. Sorry about that, I promise to try and get a life soon! :O)


  1. I've been wondering how your new job has been going. Love those boots!

  2. Wonderful new uggs and chucks love them both. You found a job. I hope its one you like. Sorry I have lost touch lately. Lets talk. Hugs!

  3. Hi Kim, thanks it's going okay. You get used to working crazy hours. I love those boots too, so lucky that I could get them.

    Kim, it has been awhile! Thanks! I've lost touch too, sorry about that. We'll talk. Hugs, Jen