Friday, September 25, 2009

This week...

I am enjoying these:

I am reading this:

I have bought these:

And somebody's Nana made him a new hat:


  1. Love the book, the doll, the baby Oliver in his hat. Everything is wonderful. Do you like the twilight books? I have read them many times. Love them. Road trip with my girls on Thursday. 10 1/2 hour trip but its a first for us. Nice to see you. I've missed you. Hugs~ Kim

  2. Yep, me too. Book-doll-and baby Oliver.

    I think so! All my library books were returned and then I discovered the New Moon book sitting there from whenever. So I opened it to see how it started and all of a sudden it was over and I asked hubby to bring me Eclipse on his way home from work. It's a little addictive.

    All of a sudden I kind of wanted to know what happened next...

    I'm on page 282 and Bella's just gone to the beach fire with Jacob. Have you read them over and over, wow. Are you all geared up for the New Moon movie release?

    Road trip! Did you guys see good stuffs in your 10 1/2 hours? That sounds like fun.

    Great to see you too, I have missed you Miss Kim. Your miniature bakery is looking mighty delicious in Flickr. That cherry cobbler was wonderful and those little pink bowls of chocolate frosting...heaven.

    {{Hugs}} Jen

  3. Those morning glories are beautiful. What a deep colour. I have not had any luck with morning glories as we dont get a lot of sun.

  4. I do not have luck with morning glories either and I am very jealous of yours- beautiful! That hat is so sweet- but even sweeter on little Oliver! Hope you have a wonderful week!