Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mini Tips

Simple, but ingenius. This is a little tip shared by Ladybug Sue Thwaite. I was privileged to take her Baby House class when we were living in England. She was over there for Miniatura . The class was 1/90th and involved lots of tiny tinies that had to be glued, painted, and otherwise manipulated so she provided us with sticks and blue tack. Very useful, and you can just rework the sticky tack when it gets too messy or painted. Just flip it over and re-use. Sue has a million great ideas.

Another tip for getting around little edges and corners is to use small emery boards. Even better when you cut the boards in half or thirds to get right in there. These were on display near the checkout of our old "chemist" and it occured to me, while waiting for a prescription, that these would be a little bit better than using just a folded piece of sandpaper. Somewhat easier on the hands if you've got a lot of work area, because the card backing provides structure.


  1. I took a class with Sue many years ago in San Francisco. She is a great teacher and has a wonderful imagination, always telling stories about her fairies.

    I use emery boards for almost all of my sanding and/or those sanding "blocks" manicurists use. And of course with my porcelain I use sanding pads :) Marsha

  2. Using emery boards is a fantastic idea!! Thank you :)