Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Professor Filius Flitwick, Charms Teacher at Hogwarts

A few years back I attempted a handmade 1/12 doll and chose Filius Flitwick, Harry Potter's Charms teacher..."wingardium leviosa" and the feather lesson from the first film. I had the pleasure of taking a Rik Pierce class called Tanglewood and thought Professor Flitwick's classroom would be an interesting scene to build. His classroom is still in the works but he's all ready to report for lessons this Autumn when term starts.

We're all excited here about Half Blood Prince being released this week so in honor of the new film I'm posting little Professor Flitwick.

Miss Sally World, an incredibly talented UK artist, made the head and hands from the still movie pictures and I made the body and dressed him. He's got small clay shoes and a fancy vest with tiny golden bead buttons. His wand is a regular old toothpick, shaped and painted, and Sally kindly molded his hand just so he could hold it.

Have a magical week :O)

Edit: This is the Tanglewood room box

and the interior is on my webshots (can't seem to copy it over full size)


  1. he is great!

    I am also a big harry potter fan.

    you have him dressed beautifull!!
    my compliments !

  2. perfecto, muy bonito. felicidades.

  3. He is awesome! I just saw Harry Potter last night and it was great!

  4. Oh, my gosh! He is wonderful! Can't wait to see him in his setting. Yes, I'm probably the biggest Harry Potter fan in the family and I have three children, Maggie, 19 who grew up on Harry (after I forced her to read the first book which she nearly didn't finish because it was scary!), Ben, 17, who said he'd just wait for the movies to come out instead of slogging through such large books! and Joanna, 10 who has read some of them but not all! I have read everyone, some twice. I cannot get over her imagination and storytelling gift.


  5. Professor Flitwick looks wonderful. You are so talented my friend. I'm lovin the new one so much. Mini hugs!

  6. Thanks for checking him out everybody! He's a cutie, I think he and Professor McGonagall are my favorites from the films. They're very interesting in miniature so that probably has something to do with it :O)

  7. Your little Professor is fabulous Jen. Lucky you taking a Rik Pierce Workshop. x

  8. ive recently discovered rik pierce and think the work he does and what he teaches is just stunning.
    Your Flitwick and the setting you made are incredible.
    If I can ask you how do you do things like the windows, doors and gargoyles. Im attempting to recreate Riks Hogwats, the base is almost done so I'll get down to decorating it shortly